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So I saw that new Goukaiger pic and was pretty impressed by the design. So after seeing that, I was like, why not make some fanart of Gokaiger?:)

Here's something I whipped up in than 30 minutes. GoukaiRed in a more cartoonish style


I made his sword pretty big and I think I messed up on the visor.:laugh: Gonna fix it up and gonna color this one later and draw up the rest of the Goukaiger as well, makin' them do some pirate-y poses:thumbs:
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You're calling that cartoonish? Maybe I shouldn't upload anything!

Before the cutlass, I would question a couple of other small details, like the cuffs on for the gloves and...what are boot cuffs called? Cuffs? Anyway, it's hard to know without a clear picture of every inch of the new guys. Were you speculating or am I missing another picture?


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Anyway, it's hard to know without a clear picture of every inch of the new guys. Were you speculating or am I missing another picture?

Pretty much just speculating. Once more photos of Goukaiger are shown, I'll fix up my drawings 'cuz I don't think I did the boots right...


School Days
So I saw the new Goukaiger trailer and was pretty impressed. The cast looks like they'll be an eccentric bunch so to celebrate, I drew the Goukaiger cast :anime:


I gave the girls bigger eyes, Green some freckles, and had Red have a straw of hay in his mouth. I was tempted to draw Blue with a bandana just to see how he looks with one lol


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Back in the game!

Well, here's a little something I whipped up a few hours ago...

GOKAI YELLOW! Helmetless!


I might do the whoopass pink princess next, but I need to come up with a good pose first


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Her royal majesty, Princess Ahim de Famille!.....In progress!


When I was sketching out Ahim, I was thinking, "Why not put some cute little sentai characters in this?" So I ended up putting Bokku from Gingaman and Mandora Boy from Magiranger in the pic. I'm gonna add Bomper from Go-On and Tak from Timeranger as well:)

Oh and I'm also gonna add Eri from Gosei in the pic because I thought she was cute too and plus I've wanted to try and draw a Goseiger character.

The finished product will be done eventually:thumbs:


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Really like what your producing Vince, you also have a good grasp on anatomy, looking forward to the finished Ahim and future pieces :thumbs:

What's with the spam poster?


Not bad! Watch some of your proportions and try practicing some feet and hands and you'll be surprised how much life you can give your drawings!

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