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Most management sim games are aimed at an adult audience, with dozens of complex decisions weighing on the player every second. If you’d like to get your kids into the genre, there aren’t many “light” examples out there — but publisher NACON and developer Piece of Cake Studios aim to change that. This fall they’re releasing My Fantastic Ranch, an entry-level management game, on modern devices.
Players inherit a fantasy ranch full of dragons and unicorns Daily tasks involve welcoming new animals into the ranch, caring for the existing ones, and managing a riding lesson business. The latter takes the most care, from matching each student to the right animal, keeping track of their progress and hosting events and competitions. When your customers are happy, your rating rises. It’s simple stuff that most kids should be able to latch onto.
“We wanted to create a management game that the youngest players can access, a game that makes them think and still leaves room for the imagination...

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