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My Fake Boyfriend is Lionsgate attempt to make a mainstream LGBTQ romcom. A decade ago most LGBTQ themed films are either dark and depressing to bait an Oscar or they are Borderline porno. This 2022 LGBTQ movies is not for straight to DVD indie films anymore. The Success of Love,Simon open the flood gates for lighthearted LGBTQ content.
Speaking of Love, Simon, My Fake Boyfriend stars Keiynan Lonsdale. Most people remember him playing a heterosexual speedster Superhero from The Flash . Ever Since he starred on Love,Simon, Tree came out as queer. Lonsdale has been focusing on LGBTQ movies eversince.
My Fake Boyfriend Trailer

Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) have a toxic relationship with his cheating ex-boyfriend...

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Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland are like the Trojan Horse so straight people will watch. Kind of like in Orange is the New Black, The show started with Piper but people fell in love with the POC women on the show. Its a slow way to ease people to embrace diversity.


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I will definitely watch this movie because the cast are just good looking. Everyone looks like they came from a CW drama.


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I am just happy that the community finally has a movie that treat us as normal people. Also we are now in the lead role instead of being a sassy best friend of a white hetero girl.


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The Chef guy, I saw him in an episode of "The boys before" finally he got some speaking role.


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The plot have uncanny similarity with S1mone. Its a movie where Al Pacino is a director who used CGI actress to sell his movies and the CGI actress was so charismatic people became obsessed with her. This time we have a CGI Instagram influencer boyfriend.


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Fake Influencers exists in Instagram, there were people who uses filters to look like a different person and there is also those CGI Influencers. People know they are CGI but they still follow them.


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That is an interesting plot and finally a Gay movie where the main character doesn't struggle about his sexuality.


This is like a fun loving version of a black mirror episode. Keiynan Lonsdale is stuck on Gay roles ever since they came out. I hope he can be like Luke Evans and Wentworth Miller who can still get Straight roles.


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Dylan Sprouse is getting lots of projects while his twin brother is only getting a movie from China. This appears to be entertaining but it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of the parasocial connections made between influencers and their fans. Congratulations to whoever thought of this idea! I am eager to see it.
I just watched this and I loved it! Amazon Prime keeps stepping up when it comes to original movies and series. Nice to see a light hearted LGBT film that is not a depressing Oscarbait.