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I was completely captivated in this drama, whether it was because of the political intrigue, the fascinating historical location, or the well-developed characters. As a result of shows like this, I believe I know more about Korean history than I do about American history. Please accept my apologies if this causes you any embarrassment. I never memorized every single American president.


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The people behind this show created a masterpiece. There's a lot to admire about this drama: the tale is riveting and will leave you emotionally spent, the sights are stunning, and the acting is great. Yang Se-jong appeared in every drama that I watched. This performer is a hidden gem who deserves greater recognition.


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Every episode of this Korean drama series amazes me more than the previous one. This is such an engrossing story. Everything about this plan of action is perfect. Everyone in the cast, from the stars to the extras, does an excellent job.Yi Bang Won, the series' major attraction, dominates the show from the start and keeps viewers enthralled until the finish.

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This is easily among the top few historical Korean dramas I've seen this year. It has a superb ensemble cast, excellent acting and singing, and the skill of talented musicians, and it will leave you in tears. I'm currently taking another look at it. Jang Hyuk's portrayal of Yi Bang won is so complex and artistic that it's difficult to classify it as anything other than a sort of performance art. They presented him as having controlled the kingdom without being crowned, having conquered his father, King Taejo. He was excellent in his part, and the audience, including myself, adored him for it. As a native speaker, I find him utterly captivating. Despite the fact that his role as Yi Bangwon in Empire of Lust was little in compared to this one, I still hold him in high respect.

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