My comics


Hey guys!

Just wanted to promote my comics, ZOMBIE SHARK BEAR and GREMLIN WORLD here! You can check them both out on Tapastic, where I update them on Wednesdays and Sundays.

ZOMBIE SHARK BEAR takes place on the world Aqua, where humans have been struggling to cope with a zombie plague for the past 600 years. Mirai Samekuma, one of the most powerful women in the world, finds herself infected and transformed into a monster. Now she must decide whether her path will lead the world to peace or ruin.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, GREMLIN WORLD follows secret-agent-turned-mad-scientist, Hugh J. Pinhead and his latest creation- an ultra-monster designed to destroy evil in all it's forms. But, when he makes a drastic mistake, his monster becomes the beautiful bunny girl, Pai Bunny PInhead. Will Pinhead be able to raise Pai to be the hero he dreamed she'd be?!