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My Best Friend’s exorcism is a hit novel from 2016 that proves 1980s nostalgia sells. Grady Hendrix writes this novel and a compilation of Horror stories with nostalgic vintage settings. The 1980s became a popular setting for modern fiction because its vintage was yet familiar. It has modern technology but no problem solver like smartphones and the internet. Additionally, fashion increases the sentimental factor.
This movie is like The Exorcist meets the Heathers with a sprinkle of Evil Dead. The current trend in film and television is 80s nostalgia. That is evident from the popularity of Wonder Woman 1984, Snowfall, Paper Girls, and Stranger Things. So it is no surprise that a movie would be made based on this best seller...

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This is so exciting! I have long been a fan of Grady Hendrix and his works, and I have been pleading with folks to read this book. One of the best books I've ever read, in all honesty. Both "Final Girl support group" and "Badassstraunauts," two of his other novels, are excellent.

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The 1980s were undoubtedly the ideal decade to tell a story because there were no cell phones, which made plots realistic, and there was no internet to assist with problem-solving.


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I'm seeing flashes of "Jennifer's Body" while watching this film. The title is obviously a pun for " My best friend's wedding"


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Wanna feel old? The actress who played Abby was the child voice actress of Agnes in despicable me.

While the actress who plays Gretchen played Nova in War of the planet of the apes.

They grew up so fast.


I don't know how you realted exorcism with Stranger Things. Stranger Things are possible explain with science, in fact humans started it with One and experiment with him. Exorcism is not explained yet.


@freddiecharlesbetting, I The movie was not compared to Stranger Things, The writer just said that 1980s themed movies and shows like Papergirls and Stranger Things means there is a market for 80s Nostalgia.


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I love the 80s and I love horror? Are they only friends or is there a chance for a bit of lesbian romance? I am just asking for a friend because I never read the book.


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Because there were no cell phones in the 1980s, stories could be told in a more realistic manner. Thanks for including the entire movie in this trailer, which appears to be Jennifer's body.


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Amazon Prime video is stepping with original content.
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Okay, I apologize but According to the story and tone I can tell, this adaptation of the novel is good. However, this is one of the worst, laziest attempts I've ever seen in a movie to capture the spirit of the 1980s. Nothing about this movie, including the characters' appearances, the lingo, the terrible clothing, and the awful, awful wigs, makes me think of the 1980s. especially in light of how masterfully Stranger Things captured that era. It's unfortunate because the plot itself seems fantastic.


They could have at least left the details of the acid night the same, but it already looks different from the novel.

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I've read nearly all of Grady Hendrix's books since they are all so great! If you enjoy this, certainly check out his other works! I have a good feeling that Final Girls support group will be adapted next.


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Yes more 80s period stuff. Can you imagine 10 years from now, there will be movies set in 2020s and it will be the period piece.