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Hey guys, I was thinking that perhaps starting a music recommendation thread would be a great idea. There are a lot of great artists out there who don't get the fame and recognition that they deserve. So let's share the love of music with our fellow posters! One of my top favorite bands is Blue Oyster Cult. They are a classic rock band from the 70's. Some of my favorite songs by them are 'Flaming Telepaths', 'Don't Fear the Reaper', and 'Veteran of Psychic Wars'. I definitely recommend that you guys give this band a listen if they are in your genre interests!


It all depends on personal taste, though. I just absolutely love Emilie Autumn, her Opheliac-era rock music has such great frenetic energy, her melodies are uplifting even though their harshness...but most people don't like her dark themes, and her growly voice. I personally think her voice has gotten much better once she's embraced that she's an alto. Her Enchant-era trying-to-force-the-high-notes is painful to listen to, even though I like Celtic music. Her live performance of "Dead Is The New Alive" has flaming hula-hoops and streamers, and I love her recording of "Shalott".

I'm also a huge fan of Kerrigan-Lowdermilk. They're so mellow and soulful. When I tried to promote them, though, I got chewed out for promoting indie and Broadway--genres which the person felt was too hipster to exist. "Two Strangers" is a very dynamic song, at least I thought so. "Not A Love Story" is my personal favorite song by them, though.

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Well, if you like the classic rock sound, might I suggest "The Strypes"? They sound very 1960's classic rock (think The Kinks, The Clash and early Beatles) but they're a modern day band! They're acutally a group of teenagers from Ireland, and they recently landed an article with Rolling Stone!

Those are my two favorite tracks by them; and I think they have an album that's going to be dropped soon! They looks and sound a bit like the Beatles did in their early years! As someone who's very favorite genre of music is Classic Rock, "The Strypes" are a real treat! Very few modern bands have that "true" rock sound! (I think The Black Keys are the only other band that is relevant and is truly rock nowadays. Though they're sort of Blues Rock...) But yeah, I highly recommend them. :D


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Emily Wells! She's a great artist. Very unique voice and does a lot of the instrumentals herself. I think she has a new album out though I haven't listened to it yet. It's kind of indie/orchestral music, hard to really define.