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It's Judgement Time!
Picked up a DvD of this today. It's an anime dubbed by Funimation, about a man known as the Mushi Master. The Mushi are kind of like these ghosts or spirits that inhabit the world out of sight. They come in many forms and feed on many different things from humans such as sight, sound, or dreams. It follows the Mushi Master as he helps patients who have been stricken with "illness" which turns out to be not an illness but a cause of a Mushi inhabiting or feasting off a host human.

It's a pretty neat series. There's no grand plot in the first 5 episodes, each episode is just a short story about another encounter with another patient who is stricken ill by a Mushi and how the Mushi Master comes to help them.

Anyone see this series? What do you think? I think it was work the pick up so far.


I haven't seen it, but I'm interested. I have a manga by the same writer called Filaments (Firmanent? I forget cause I don't have it with me)-- it's a collection of short vignettes- not even short stories-, and they're all breathtakingly beautiful. Tranquil and peaceful, it's a nice change from the action-packed stuff elsewhere.


I've also read the manga and it's absolutely brilliant. Haven't watched the anime yet, but I will, because it's actually sticks to the manga as the director would have wanted.

I love Mushi-Shi, because of the storyline, the writing and the main character, Ginko, who not only solves people's illness, but he also helps people on topics that are deemed to be difficult.

Also, I've heard there's going to be a live-action version, starring Joe Odagiri (guy who was Kamen Rider Kuuga), so I wonder if it's true. If it is, then I'm definitely going to see the film or buy the DVD.


Mushishi is my favorite anime EVER. I haven't picked up the DVD yet but I've seen the whole anime and I've read a bunch of the manga. I love it so much, everything about it is great. It's such a nice and relaxing show too, in Japan it was played late at night and I always thought that it'd be a good show to watch before going to bed. The live action came out like a year ago I think.

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