Mushi Sentai Bakuhenger (Insect Task Force Explosionranger)


Deep within the the Mountain of Fuji-San, a secret reseach lab exsists led by Dr. Konchuu. In this lab, Dr. Konchuu and his assistants test the effects of insect DNA on human DNA. Konchuu's right hand mand, Dr. Mukade, soon wishes to use his research for personal gain. Mukade injects himself with the mutated DNA strands, and becomes a monstrous beast. Dr. Konchuu then decides to use the last five mutated DNA strands to creat his team: Mush Sentai Bakuhenger to face of against Mukade.

Shiro Muhatsu/BakuRed
Age: 20
Weapons: MushiChanger, MushiRod
Mecha: Kabuto
Call: Strength of the Beetle! BakuRed!
Appearance: Shiro has short black hair and blue eyes. He wears a leather jacket all the time.
Appearance (BakuRed): BakuRed's uniform is entirely red. On his chest is a silhouette of a beetle. His visors is a beetle's horn

Tohma Fujiedo/BakuBlack
Age: 19
Weapons: MushiChanger, MushiBlade
Mecha: Kagerou
Call: Speed of the Dragonfly! BakuBlack!
Appearance: Tohma has long brown hair and brown eyes. He wears jeans and a t-shirt most of the time.
Appearance (BakuBlack): BakuBlack's uniform is entirely black. On his chest, he has a white outline of a dragonfly. His visor is a daronglfly's wings.

Haka Shinji/BakuBlue
Age: 17
Weapons: MushiChanger, MushiGrip
Mecha: Kuma
Call: Agility of the Spider! BakuBlue!
Appearance: Haka has short brown hair and green eyes. He wears smart clothes.
Appearance (BakuBlue): BakuBlue's uniform is entirely blue. On his chest
is a silhouette of a spider. His visor is a web.

Ria Ishado/BakuYellow
Age: 20
Weapons: MushiChanger, MushiSting
Mecha: Hachi
Call: Flight of the Bee! BakuYellow!
Appearance: Ria has long black hair and blue eyes. She wears trendy clothes.
Appearance (BakuYellow): BakuYellow's uniform is entirely yellow. On her chest is a sihouette of a bee. Her visor is a bee's stinger.

Mina Cuji/BakuWhite
Age: 18
Weapons: MushiChanger, MushiDagger
Mecha: Batafurai
Call: Grace of the Butterfly! BakuWhite!
Appearance: Mina has long, light brown hair and grey eyes. She wears smart clothes.
Appearance (BakuWhite): BakuWhite's uniform is entirely white. On her chest is a silhouette of a butterfly. He visor is a butterfly's wings.


Dr. Konchuu


Kabuto forms the head and the torso. Kagerou forms the right arm. Kuma forms the back. Hachi forms the left arm. Batafurai form the legs.


Half-man, half centipede.
A wasp type creature.
Fly based monsters.


1: Go, Insect Fighters!
2: New additions! Black, Yellow and White!
3: Scare: Measure of Bravery!
4: Pressure, a new discovery!
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My son was born on the 13th of Feb. We have found a nanny, so I have more time on my hands. Episodes 1 and 2 are complete. I will post them soon.

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