Multiplayer magic hack-and-slash game Six Temples is now available

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Jan 17, 2014
Developer Camel Cup Graphics has today launched Six Temples, an arena magic hack-and-slash game, for Steam Early Access. In Six Temples, players choose from 12 powerful Heroes and fight in competitive team-based arena matches. Battles can be won by eliminating the opposition, capturing control points, or holding a defensive line.
View the trailer below:

Six Temples brings a diverse roster of twelve playable Heroes for players to choose from, such as the mystic Shaman, the brutal Executioner, the fire-wielding Wizard, the deadly Assassin, the cunning Huntress, and more. With a fine-tuned Directional Melee Combat System, players engage in precise skill-based battle not only against one another, but against a host of Undead and environmental minions that defend the map.
Six Temples features Abilities, providing heroes unique skills that range from simple passive effects, to devastating explosions, to complex, game-changing feats. All heroes have access to multiple abilities...

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