Multiplayer Achievements/ Trophies should they stay or should they go?


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As long as the are not absurdly difficult (Like GRAW's "Be ranked #1 in the World" or Killzone 2's "Rank in the top 1% of the Leaderboards") they can stay.

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As someone who hasn't played a game in multiplayer-mode in years and does not have games with "achievements" or "trophies" as such, I don't really care either way. : B


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I think it's more to do with comparing your % to others on your friends list, you assume their looking at your total and going "he's not a true gamer" or something along those lines.

When the achievements/trophies are centered around the single player campaign, you feel like you can always get round to it. When you look at games' achievements mostly centered on the multiplayer aspect, it mostly ruins some enjoyment of the game as you estimate how much grinding you got to do.

I prefered there was no achievement/trophy (like in the PS2/Xbox/GC days) and you just play games that you want to play, i've known people to simply pick up games based on how quick/easy it is to platinum.

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