Most Powerful Kamen Rider

Which Kamen Rider is the most powerful in terms of fighting, power source, and power of finishers. Do not include performance Stats.

Personally, I think Kamen Rider Kiva is the most powerful Kamen Rider so far. His powers come from demonic origins, he commands two giant dragons, and his final form possesses the most powerful finisher in kamen rider history with 150 tons of pressure.


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Since i Can't pick, this is by how powerful: (by ultimate forms)

1. Kuuga
2. Kabuto
3. Blade
4. Ryuki
5. Den-O
6. Faiz


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Oh just shut up... We all know it's Kuuga... you seen his Amazing Mighty Form Kick yet!? If not then sto pvoting and see it!:thumbs: Kiva couldn't catch up with Kuuga. One kick towards Castledran from Kuuga will blow that thing up. Kiva comes flying down only to be stabbed by Kuuga. Kuuga changes from quickly unlike Kiva who needs to break his chains...
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Hyper Kabuto he can reverse time and kill Kuuga before he does his kick

Err no... Kuuga beats Kabuto even before he could Hyper Clock Up. That's right, that is ALL Kabuto could do. Cheat by using Hyper Clock Up... Let's see, if there was no Hyper Clock Up, what would happen to Kabuto??? Hmmm... DEAD... But then again, seriously? Ultimate Kuuga is fast enough to grab the Hyper Zecter and crush it before Kabuto could even touch it. SO all that is left is Clock Up which simply slows thing down but doesn't stop it. Kuuga punches Kabuto and sends him flying and Kabuto might aswell revert back to Tendou, resulting into Kuuga crushing the Zecter and tendou is done for...

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