Most Depressing Show You Have Watched


This includes everything.Anime, toku, sitcom, comedy (Well that doesn't make much sense.), drama, or soap opera.
I'm going with Deadman Wonderland because it's basically the only show that almost made me shed a tear.


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Go Go Sentai Boukenger
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Disney's Power Rangers (NS-PROO)
Currently Days of Our Lives. (good thing I stopped watching this show! So confusing)

I couldn't think of more..... Hmmm....


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Elfen Lied, the later half of School Days(Last episode especially) and those last couple of episodes of Evangelion. And I know I've read some manga but I can't think of them atm.


Now Demonic
Season 3 of Morel Orel, the ending to Zeta Gundam, Gundam 0080, the final episode of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs.


The new Tendou Souji
>> And I know I've read some manga

We're including manga too? Narutaru and Bokurano as my picks, then. Amazing titles but, very depressing at times.


Season 4 of Dexter is the most recent show to hit me with a total depression bomb.

No Country For Old Men was a pretty big downer too.

Blazing Tiger

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One of those god-awful soap operas. I can't remember the names.
Hahah me too. I so dont do soaps at all. High five for that. <3

Umm the second half of Kiva depressed the hell out of me. I just felt so depressed about the route it went. I liked the series but yeah. It got to me. Philip dying didn't help either. I cried. ill admit it. ;_; Poor Philip-kun.

Beast King

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Power rangers RPM, While i love the show I feel a bit depressed after watching it, thats pretty much the only one.

Algo Fonix

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Honey and Clover (the drama, didn't watch the cartoon) was rather depressing.

I've heard from my brother that Six Feet Under is pretty depressing, but I've not gotten around to watching it yet.


Oh, here's another one...Power Rangers Samurai....and only because of how cringe-worthy it is. One of my buddies put it best when he said that you couldn't convince him that Justin Bieber is the leader of the Power Rangers.