Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind gives the spotlight to Kenshi. This October, the blindfolded telekinetic Ninja who is not a pallet swap of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Mortal Kombat has three eras; the classic 2D era, which is the original trilogy; the 3D era, and the NetherRealm era. The NetherRealm era started with Mortal Kombat 9. With the exception of Kenshi, the 3D era was thought to be a time of despair for the most of the fanbase.
Kenshi is the only one who didn’t have the 3D era stigma. He even became more popular than some of the classic characters from the trilogy. Now War Bros. Entertainment has made an animated movie focusing on everyone’s favorite Keanu Reeves look alike. I was expecting another Trilogy character to get a movie first. So Kenshi Takahashi getting a movie is a pleasant surprise.
The 3d era was seen. a A lot of the 3D era characters, like Kira and Kobra...

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Kenshi has always been a cool and intriguing character in Mortal Kombat, and I've always questioned why he was more of a supporting character than anything else. I love how they're giving him some of the attention now. I dig how, in the most recent Mortal Kombat TV programming I've seen, Sub-Zero has evolved from being simply another henchman to essentially the primary boss. He seems to be like this in the trailer and, I think, in the movie that came out last year.


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It is fascinating to see that Kano and Shang Tsung are still alive, and both Kano and Kuai Liang appear to have aged significantly since the last time we saw them. This leads us to believe that this movie takes place many years after the events of Battle of the Realms. This is a significant change to Kenshi's story given that he is supposed to be roughly the same age as many of the other characters in the source material. Despite this, I'm happy to see that Kenshi is getting some attention, and I'm very curious about what will happen next. I just have this pestering wish that these cartoon movies were actually a television show instead.


After paying him no attention throughout Mk11, they have at last started paying attention to my boy Kenshi. For a change, it is enjoyable to see a story in which the protagonist is not Liu Kang or Scorpion as they have been in previous installments. My expectation is that Mortal Kombat 12 will, for a change, bring back some characters that have been forgotten, offer a break for the main guys, and introduce some new characters that are cool.


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There are 3 eras, but I only know about the first era, i.e. the classic 2D era. I just realized that it has reached its 30th anniversary.