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It will be a long wait for April 2021, which is the release date of the upcoming Mortal Kombat film. Somehow we still get a bit of what’s coming because the official Twitter account fo the MK film releases some pictures

Finish him!!
Mortal Kombat movie is coming! We don’t have a trailer yet but these images are enough to hype us. I can’t judge their acting yet because it is only pictures but the cast visually gave their characters justice.
Sub-zero showing off his powers
This is Indonesian Actor Joe Taslim as Sub Zero. I don’t know which version of Subzero he will be playing. Is he going to be the evil Bi-han or the heroic Kuai Liang?
Ludi Lin of Power Rangers reboot fame and Max Huang are the lead roles as the cousins Liu Kang and Kung Lao. They don’t have the Physique of the characters they play because it is an...
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