MORE THAN MIYAGI: THE PAT MORITA STORY Review: The Lights and Shadows of the Man Behind the Pop Culture Icon

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Jan 10, 2020
in 1984, Pat Morita reached cinema immortality with his unforgettable performance in the classic “The Karate Kid”, as the enigmatic karate master, Miyagi. Performance that not only gave him an oscar nomination as best supporting actor, but also turned him into an icon of American pop culture. A blessing that was a curse on disguise, because the role that made him famous, also pigeonholed him in a type of role from which he could never escape…
This moving documentary, traces the lights and shadows of his life, in an autobiographical journey through revealing recordings that Morita left before his passing, that take us through a journey that starts in a Japanese internment camp, where Morita relates his first years of life being a disable kid in a poor family, to his youth wrapped in poverty, until reaching the adulthood, where he felt the call of showbusiness, first becoming a stand-up comedian, to later start a succesful career on TV, until reaching international stardom due the...

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