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One of the many, many announcements made by Nintendo during their Direct today was what was coming up next for NSO (Nintendo Switch Online). And there was one addition in particular no one ever thought they’d see happen: Goldeneye 007.
The game was unarguably one of the most popular for the N64, yet it’s never been re-released officially for any system, and there’s a reason for that: first developer Rare lost the Bond license, and then Microsoft bought Rare. Rare was not allowed to republish Goldeneye without the permission of both Nintendo and MGM, so that was that. Unofficial “remakes” have been created in the years since that use the Goldeneye name, but the original was only playable on emulators and nowhere else.
But it’s a different world now. Nintendo and Microsoft are on friendly terms and MGM seems willing to play ball, so sometime soon, Goldeneye 007 will be released once more for both Nintendo Switch Online and XBox Game Pass. Each version will have its own strengths. The...

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N64, the last console with cartridges, I miss Cartridges for games. Now everything is either digital CD.


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They intend to keep playing Smash Bros. 64 all the way to the end, don't they? I was shocked to see Mario Party 1-3 so quickly and so closely together. I hope to play more Rare games soon, like Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Tooie, Conker, and more. Being back is sick, Goldeneye! I hope the next generation will enjoy a good Bond game that can continue the legacy of Golden Eye.


Happy to see the announcement of Pilotwings 64. I'm hoping the upcoming wave will include Mischief Makers and Ogre Battle 64! I do miss some of these old games and Switch Bringing them back is just cool.


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The lineup for this wave is strong. I was a little bummed that there was no Smash 64 or Diddy Kong Racing, but Stadiums, Mario Parties, Excitebike 1080, and Pilotwings were all excellent enough on their own. Since Goldeneye is now the second Rare game added after Banjo-Kazooie, hopefully, more games will be added in the future. This release opens the chance of getting revivals.


I am incredibly excited about these entries! Finally! Mario Party 1 and 3 get some re-release. Although I'm disappointed that Smash didn't get included in this lineup, these games are pretty good, and I hope this will encourage more subscribers to get the Expansion Pass.


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I am so happy about these entries! The first two Mario Party games, 1 and 3, have FINALLY been given new life. I am disappointed that Super Smash 64 is not included in this setlist, but all of these games are incredibly high quality, and I hope this will encourage more people to get the Expansion Pass!


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I can hardly wait when both of the new Pokemon stadiums are included! It's a little disappointing that there is no workable way for us to include the Gameboy Pokemon games or animals in it. Still, fortunately, both of these challenges may be completed without them. Because I've been there, done that, I should know.


I cannot express how excited I am about the news that we will soon be able to play N64 games within the app. I am particularly ecstatic about the release of Pilotwings 64, Mario Party 3, and Goldeneye because the latter was a game I was never allowed to play back in its original incarnation. Despite this, I'm a little anxious about playing that terrible Tug of War game in Mario Party 1. I may give up and admit defeat on purpose because I don't want to risk damaging my joycon stick or making their drift issues worse. Even though there is a possibility that other systems getting to the NSO in the upcoming direct, I cannot express how pleased I am with this most recent upgrade. Thank you, Nintendo!