More High School of the Dead?


I think there's gonna be a bonus episode with one of the manga volumes, but otherwise that's it. Enjoy your somewhat unsatisfying ending.


It's over 8,000!
I read there will be a second season because the ending made it look that way. I don't know; I've never seen it.


Super Kamen Sentai Rider
Where'd you hear this?

I heard someone on the forums say ANN (Anime News Network) announced it. Probably wrong though :/ And just the special is coming out. It is popular though and the manga's still going. THey SHOULD have a second season unless that damn Anime ban in Tokyo gets in the way :disappoin (It shouldn't though since it's Zombies and that's it...but if they kill any REAL people wherever they go in the second season then it may go under the ban)


Sweet Sweets
With the Youth Ordinance Bill being passed, I don't like the chances...maybe if it comes out before July...but...yeah...sorry to put a damper on it...but...I just don't see any hope...=_=...


Kamen Rider Meta
Okay, dude, you've gotta calm down. Give it after tommorrow or until we actually see the effects of it first. This could just blow over or loopholed.

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