Moon Knight Coming To Disney+ March 30

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Jun 20, 2012
The next Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero is MOON KNIGHT! If you’re counting, this makes 31,957 superheroes so far. Disney will tell you when you’ve had enough!
Not only do we have a release date for the Moon Knight series, which has been in development for years, we also have the surprise release of a trailer, unleashed during the NFL playoff game ad breaks last night. Fortunately we live in an age when you don’t have to watch sports to catch trailers. It’s right below.

Who’s Moon Knight — does he have moon powers? Any relation to Sailor Moon? He’s far from it, actually. Moon Knight is Steven Grant, an unassuming and nervous man who doesn’t understand why he’s been so tired lately despite seemingly getting a good night’s sleep. He’s also been suffering blackouts where he wakes up in another place — what’s up with that? What Grant doesn’t realize is that he’s host to a second personality…the mercenary Marc Spector!
Marc is a much better fighter than Steve. We don’t...

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