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SOEDESCO promised, and…it came out on time. Monster Crown, the mon-collecting and battling game from developer Studio Aurum, is now on Steam Early Access — and it’s already a success, despite not even being complete yet. SOEDESCO says the game wound up selling more copies in its first 72 hours than it did during its entire crowdfunding campaign.
“This game is truly a dream come true. I’ve been working on it for over 4 years and to see that the game is already so well received, really touches me,” says Jason Walsh, founder of Studio Aurum. Monster Crown currently stands at an 90% ‘very positive’ rating on Steam.
The game takes place on Crown Island, a community with a dark past. Long ago, the cruel Philosopher Kings ruled the island, using their dark powers to achieve dominance and torture their subjects. That lasted until the people had enough and rose as one to defeat them.
Ever since, Crown Island has been at peace, but that could change if an evil young woman has her way…she’s...
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