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If you ask most people if all the ideas in science fiction have been done, they would say yes — it just stands to reason. It’s pretty rare we can run across an idea and say “Huh, never seen THAT before”…but that’s something we can honestly say about the idea behind Monochrome: The Chromism, a film coming soon from Tempest Studios.
The premise? The entire world is in black and white. No one knows what color is, until one day when urban citizen Isaac Ward is sent to the hospital after being wounded in a shootout. He does recover, but something weird starts happening…he starts bleeding red. What on Earth is RED? No one knows, but the color starts spreading throughout his body until he visibly stands out.
The doctors don’t know what to make of it, but then they start hearing about other incidents around the globe of people going full-color. is it an epidemic? Is it safe? Societies start tearing each other apart over the phenomenon. Isaac, meanwhile, is determined to find some real...
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