Mobuckle extension?


What the hell is a "Mobuckle"? Do you mean the Gokai Buckle? (The "mo" in "mobirates" is part of the "mob" for "mobile").

No, a Kamen Rider extension won't fit it. I'd just get belt elastic from the craft shop, cover it in gold fabric, and use that for the belt. It'll look better than the plastic anyway.


The Mobuckle is the cellphone/battery holder/belt buckle thing used by the Kyoryugers (Which, yes, the mo is still part of Mobile phone).

Without having one in hand (never really found the appeal for it) but looking at pictures and videos, it appears to have the same belt setup as the Kamen Rider belts, but again, I don't have one so take that with enough grains of salt to make some really nice popcorn.


Either way, unless it's the same size and connections as a KR belt, it's not going to fit the extension (both the size of the belt and the connections are completely different with the Gokai Buckle).

I stand by the suggestion of elastic and fabric, which looks better in the long run.

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