Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
I looking to buy a changer from Gokaiger. I am not looking for one in the box. I am just looking for changer and the GokaiRed key.

Anyone selling one?


I know that a new one, in box, and with all 3 keys goes for about 60-70 shipped on ebay
Unless someone flat out lost the rest of the keys (unlikely) and threw the box out, I really doubt anyone is going to give you a signifigant discount off of what the device costs new.

Your best bet is to wait until someone is hard up for cash and scoop it up on the cheap.

Though I suppose it can't hurt to ask.

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
Figured I would ask here first before getting something off ebay. Would much rather support the members here.

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
I am willing to pay more that $60 or $70 for an unopened one now see that the price on ebay has went up. But I would rather support a member here rather than getting it from eBay.

Anyone got one for sell?


Red Falcon
Hey bro, i know you're looking for a Mobirates but i don't think the members here are willing to part with their Mobirates just yet ....

Besides, you can get one from CDJapan for slightly more than the 70 that you are willing to shell out but still its kinda worth it .... Got a Mobirates ordered on Wednesday and is currently on its way now :D

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
Thanx. I just sold a few pokemon cards on eBay and got $55. I think I will order this once my payment clears on monday