May 16, 2007
I don't own Mobile Suit Gundam, I only own the original characters.

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam White Knight

Author: GX7

Summary: In the year 11 New Era, war between the Middle East and the United States has been the center point for conflict on Earth for centuries. However this time there are more pieces in play in this real life chess game...

Nephilim Project Space Colony, base of operations for the Nephilim Project, 2312 A.D.

For years this location has been kept secret, for fear the United Nationss would find it and shut down this inhumane experiment. The Nephilim Project is simple. Kidnapping infants from all over the world, these children are brought here and experimented on genetically. The children remain here until a certain age and they're either released back into the world to join the military or if they're considered as failures... Burned alive in a cremation furnace. However it was only a matter of time before the U. N. discovered the location and even obtain enough evidence shut the whole operation down. Several black hooded figures run to the dormitories. While in the dorms, several of the children hear the klaxons and the announcement of a invasion. Then the figures burst into the various dorm rooms and begin grabbing children. Some children fight back, but are knocked unconscious and dragged away to the furnace room for cremation.

Someone on the project grew a heart and gathered evidence for the United Nations. Where it was decided that the project must be shut down. Outside of the space colony. Several U. N. owned warships arrive and launch all of their mobile suits. Forcing the doctors in charge to hurry and cremate the evidence, including their tes subjects. They began having a hard time finding many of the children. Though every last one of them is in hiding. They are found to be hiding in poor hiding spots and quickly knocked out to be burned alive. However a small group of children hid in the ventilation shafts and were impossible to access for an adult. Mostly because the vents are too small for an adult body to enter. The leader of this group was a young teenager with light brown hair named Amuro. Amuro looked down the vent and saw the scientists still searching for children. He turns to a younger boy with dark brown hair and purple eyes.

“Don't worry Tyler. We have hold out until help arrives...†Amuro said. Unfortunately Amuro's weight was too much for the little kid. Which gave away, causing Amuro to fall onto the floor below. Which also gave his and the others position to the scientists. However only Amuro was taken. The rest were left alone. Then the sounds of help arriving filled the halls. As explosions rocked the entire facility of this small space colony. Tyler and the other kids were terrorfied as the United Nation forces entered and open fire on the scientists that fired back. After minutes of this there was silence and then talking. Finally a sound of a ladder being placed under the vent was heard. The children tensed up as they thought that their captors had found them and came back to finish the job. However the head of a man with reddish orange hair and wearing a blue beret and navy blue uniform with the logo of the security forces on his left shoulder and the Union Jack flag on his right shoulder.

“Hey there more children hiding within the ventilation system!†he said in a Scottish accent. “Get as many ladders you can find and an emergency rescue crew! We need to get these little tykes out of here as soon ass possible!â€

“Sure thing sergeant!†said another soldier. The sergeant turned back and saw the quivering of Tyler. Who was really terrified of his rescuer. Unsure if this guy is really here to save him and take him back to his family.

“Don't worry little lad...†said Sergeant Oliver Hammer of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. He is a Scottish born mobile suit pilot, coming from a long line of Scottish warriors. In fact his family clan, the Hammers were one of the most prestigious warrier clans in Scotland. However like all dynasties, they don't last forever and the Hammer Clan declined and is still barely managing to hold onto whatever is left of it's history. “I am here to help you. I am a soldier with the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. What's your name?â€

“Tyler... Tyler Mansfield sir...â€

“Tyler... We're getting you and the rest out of here right lad.†Oliver said. “How on Earth did you manage to squeeze in these vents and hide from your captors is beyond me.â€

We're all small enough to fit up here.†Tyler replied. “Most of us it is a tight squeeze, but it is the sacrifice we must pay to stay safe.â€

“A small price indeed...†Oliver said as he began to help the children out of the ventilation shafts.

Space Colony Freedom, present day...

A alarm clock goes off. Casuing a hand to emerge from the bed covers to turn the alarm off for the day. It was dawn, and ready for the bed's occupant to climb out of bed and seize the new day. A sixteen year old Tyler Mansfield removes the bed covers off of him and looks out the window of his home, the space colony.

Tyler rubs the sleep out of his eyes before looking at the time. It was 6AM Eastern Standard Time. Which made him jump out of bed and run to the bathroom of his two bedroom, one bathroom house. To which he lives in with his grilfriend Lydia Goldberg, a famous artist and singer. She is also a complete pacifist.

“Damnit! I'm have to get going or I'm going to be late for work!†he muttered to himself.

Meanwhile a platoon of Genie mobile suits have left their respective flagship the Nebuchadnezzar, and flew toward their destination, the American space colony Freedom.

Opening Song: Galileo Galilei - To Tomorrow

Episode 1: Ambushed

In the year 1 N. E.. the United States of America was attacked by the recently formed New Babylon Empire. The Empire's goal is to destroy any countries that are deemed housing “infidelsâ€. However the American government and the United Nations refused to allow the Empire to continue it's raid of every nation and space colony ine the earth sphere. So both factions declared war against the Empire.

Ten years later that war is still being fought, but it is at a stalemate. With the United Nations preparing to release it's trump card to defeating the Empire once and for all.

Outside Baghdad, Iraq... The former capitol city of Iraq

United States Army mobile suits are all parked in a line, withing the borders of Camp Victory, a U.S. Army forward operating base. Inside the women's changing room, Maya Hyler finishes getting ready for a routine patrol in her MP mobile suit called the MP Interceptor. Maya is a beautiful voluptuous woman with long black hair and beautiful red eyes. She is ranked Staff Sergeant and is one of the squad leaders for her division, the 77th Mobile Suit Military Police Division. Her flight suit is a forest green with a matching helmet. She grabs her respective helmet with her last name written above the visor, then leaves the women's changing room. She walks out onto the tarmac to her registered mobile suit that has her rank and last name on the chest. Where she grabs the handle and presses a button to have the cord pull her up to the cockpit. Climbing inside, she takes out a picture of her and her children, a boy and a girl. Both are twins and both are eight years old. The photo was taken before she was deployed to Iraq, with most of the Army, Army Rangers and Special Forces.

“Ryan... Michelle... Mommy will be home soon. The war is almost over.†she said to herself as she closed the cockpit door to her Interceptor.

“This is Sgt. Maya Hyler, ready for launch!†she said over the comm unit.

“Roger that Sgt. Hyler, you are cleared for launch. Godspeed out there rumors of unknown mobile suits have been sighted.â€

“Copy that Mission Control. We'll be careful.†she starts up her Interceptor and moves it out of the lineup and then activates it's thrusters to leave the base camp behind. She is soon followed by her fellow squadmates as she thought to herself.

'Unknown mobile suits...? Maybe the Empire has built a new class of mobile suit than their JINN model. It's worth investigating.' she thought.

Elsewhere in the desert surrounding Baghdad, several mobile suits were patroling the area. They had goat like heads with goat horns. A tail with a beam rifle attached to the end, which is on their right shoulder when standing on two legs, but looks like a tail when the mobile suit is on all fours. Each one even has dragon like wings on it's back. Making these mobile suits the unknown mobile suits rumored to be around the area. Plus they're completely bizarre mobile suits. People who survived an encounter with them called them Chimera. Of course that survival rate is pretty low. So low that the Pentagon has classified the Chimera class mobile suits as rumors. With no investigation so far, to decide how they operate or who made them. So far the reports of those few survivors have claimed they are unmanned mobile suits. With no human like heat signature on the heat vision scopes. However this was disputed by the officials within the Pentagon.

Though to be honest, the United States may have disregarded these mobile suits as urban legend among the soldiers. But the United Nations heard of these reports and have started an investigation into the rumors. Though no U. N. soldier has came upon the Chimera so far. There are hopes that the U. N. forces aren't being led on by the U. S. forces in the Middle East.


Back at the space colony Freedom, Tyler Mansfield managed to make it to a U. N. owned hanger in time for his work day. He is talking to his friend, Megan Swann, a friend of his from high school and years ago in the Nephilim Project. Megan is a petite woman with long auburn hair and pink eyes, which almost matches her hair color. Her younger brother and former U. S. Air Force Academy cadet Daniel Swann, was nearby doing an evaluation of his mobile suit.

Danny's mobile suit is an aerial type of mobile suit. It's head has to eye cameras incased with green glass. It's forehead has a gold V fin. It's color scheme is Vermillion on the torso region and white on the limbs, head and waist. It's a new type of mobile suit that no one has seen so far. Meaning that it's unveiling later today would be a surprise to the entire earth sphere, except for the United Nations, as they funded the project to build these mobile suits.

Tyler pilots the same type of mobile suit as well. However his requires some assembly. As in the upper half and the lower half have to combine with a jet fighter called a Core Fighter. For the most part, all parts of Tyler's mobile suit have varying color schemes. The main color scheme is blue and red with yellow vents on the torso, white on the limbs, waist and head.

Megan's mobile suit is another one that is the same as the other two. Only hers has a color scheme of white on the head, limbs and waist with green on the torso. Her is a artillery type mobile suit, with a left arm that has three beam gatling guns and a small shield. Two shoulder mounted missle launchers, one launcher on each shoulder. With each launcher carrying a payload of eight missles per launcher. Finally it carries a beam saber in it's right hand, which is stored in a holster hidden on it's right leg.

There is a fourth one that is a heavily armored transformable mobile suit. It's color scheme is purple and white. It is a heavy assault mobile suit carrying two beam cannons attached to the shoulders. For any situation that has the mobile suit on hovering off the ground or as it's mobile suit mode. However no one is taking claim to it yet.

These mobile suits are a classified project within the United Nations known as the Gundam Saviour Project. It's goal is to create four advanced Gundam class mobile suits to aid in the war against tvhe Empire or any severe threat to the United Nations. These Gundams were given to a black ops task force called White Knights. White Knights is run by Captain Oliver Hammer, who was a young sergeant years ago when he rescued Tyler, Danny and Megan.

It was then alarms all over the hanger and several other buildings of the U. N. Peacekeeper forces on Freedom went off. Red lights replaced the usual bright lighting in all of these places as soldiers and officers rushed out of the places they were in before the sirens sounded. Officers ran into the command center building, in the center of the military base. While soldiers and some officers gathered in the other hangers. Each hanger housing up to six mobile suits with seven in total. The last one is the hanger for the Gundams.

“What is going on?†Oliver asked aloud.

“The entire colony is under attack Captain!†a soldier said. “American forces are launching their entire mobile suit battalion as we speak. We're launching all our mobile suits as well.â€

“Well then let's get the White Rook ready for launch. No sense in staying here any longer lad.â€

“The Gundams?â€

“Send them out to aid our troops. Load the Gundam Queen onto the Rook. We'll take it with us.â€

“Yes Captain!â€

The three Gundam pilots were notified to leave the hanger and aid in the defense of the space colony.

The Gundam Knight lead the other two. Tyler is the pilot of this mobile suit. Danny's Gundam King starts it's thrusters and lifts off the ground before tranforming into it's aerial mobile armor mode. Megan's Gundam Bishop stays in the back of the formation, when the other two Gundam go to enter combat. The Gundam Bishop is a artillery mobile suit. Only to be used in ranged combat. Which is what Megan does when she aims the gatling guns and opens fire on several imperial mobile suits. The gatling guns did severe amounts of damage and destroyed only three but severely damaged several others. The neutron fields that every neutron drive in mobile suits give out, can only take a certain amount of damage before they give out. In this case the Neutron Drives' neutron field on the Genies is the standard neutron field, which can't take a whole lot of beam power. Escpecially from three high power gatling guns. The Gundams however have an incredible neutron field. As they don't use standard neutron drives. Instead they use an advanced model called a HGN Drive. It's full name is Hand of God Neutron Drive. A name the researchers came up with when they finally discovered what they could do to improve mobile suits' neutron field. The HGN Drives are so powerful, that it was like having the hand of God residing in the back of the mobile suit. Hence their name. The blueprints for these engine drives are a well kept secret by the United Nations. Only they can utilize HGN Drives in their elite mobile suits. Which include the four GMS White Pawn mobile suits that join the Gundams.

One Pawn was white all over. One was red on the torso with white limbs and head. The others had the same white limbs and head as the other two. But one was pale green and the other is black. Mimicking the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Meanwhile in the colony's government building, the Governor and his staff met with the military brass of both the U. N. and the U. S.

“We're thinking of evacuating the colony Mr. Governor.†U. N. Peackeeping forces General Wanatabe from Japan said. “General Anderson agreed to help us evacuate the entire colony.â€

Well for any other space colony governor of the United States of America. It would be instantly agreed upon to evacuate the entire colony. However Governor Snow is a ruthless man who doesn't care for the middle or lower class citizens who have to work hard to make a living in the colony. Where as the upper class get to boss around those lower to them and “inferior†human beings. The upper class try to ensure that those below them are miserable, in order to save more money for themselves. In fact the upper class always live tha life of luxary and always attend every upper class party Snow hosts. The upper class love him and always show their support to him during election years. Which is why Snow has been re-elected five times already.

“Everyone?†Governor Snow said with a glare in General Anderson's direction. General Anderson, a African-American, got a bit nervous and started to sweat under the pressure of the most revolting and vile governor to ever get elected to the position of space colony governor ever.

“Y-Yes Mr. Governor... We need to worry about the citizens as a whole and not just the upper class.†Anderson flicked on the holographic monitor in the center of the building's basement war room. “We're noticing that there are additional forces outside of the colony. And I'm not talking about the Imperial warships either. We know their mobile suits and those mobile suits drew first blood by destroying the colony's hull. Because of these growing breaches, the entire colony will collapse in only seven hours. Our plan is to evacuate everybody into the colony's core and then have one of the U. N. warships pull the core.â€

“Evacuate the entire population in the core?†Snow said. “That idea is preposterious! Insane even! If you think I will okay this plan of yours, then you are even more foolish than you think! I will not allow everyone to escape! The middle and lower class citizens are expendable. I've spent my entire life working from the lower class to the upper class to throw those deadbeats a bone now! This is our time to show those filthy people that we are in charge and we decide who must live and who must sacrifice themselves for the greater good! General Anderson please prepare the escape shuttles and notfiy everyone who live ine the Noble District of the colony. You can evacuate the filthy to the colony core, but you will NOT remove that core. Am I clear?â€

“Crystal clear Mr. Governor.†Anderson said with a sigh.

“Good and General Wanatabe, if you so think about going through your plan. I will use my influence to have you stripped of your rank and your career ruined. So badly that your decendants will live with the shame you brought to your family. Understand?â€

Wanatabe growled to the governor. Then he said through gritted teeth “Understood...â€

“Good. Now if you'll excuse me. I have to pack and get my family to the shuttles†with that said Snow leaves the room and takes the elevator to his mansion, behind the government building. When both men know he's out of hearing range, Wanatabe begins a vulgar rant in Japanese. Anderson waits till his comrade calms down.

“How did that bastard get re-elected five times?â€

“His influence in the United States knows bounds.†Anderson said. “I'm sorry I should've warned you about him. Ever since Governor Caligula Snow struck it rich with the Space Colony Stock Exchange, he has been that way. Despising his own roots and the people who helped him get where he is today, from the dead end jobs through college.â€

“Unforgivible!†Wanatabe said. “I hope karma deals with him a hundred fold! For all of his cold hearted inhumane actions! Please tell me we don't have to abide to his orders?â€

“Bad news... We have too... Good news though, is that he thinks the upper class will manage to escape Empire. What he doesn't know is that their watching the emergency spaceports to ensure no one escapes the convetional way. Which is why I chose the core... They don't know we can separate the core from the rest of the colony.â€

“Pretty slick Anderson.†Wanatabe said with a smile.

“It may seem coldhearted to allow innocent civilians to die just because their rich. Hopefully the majority manage to escape. But for those who will die today... May God have mercy on our souls.â€


Maya's squadron was nearing the end of their daily patrol. Which took several hours of patrolling near and around the Baghdad area. They patrol the desert, every single road and even the city itself. To ensure imperial troops aren't laying some nasty traps for American convoys. It was time for them to head back to camp. Maya sends out the call over her comm for them to head back to camp.

Unfortunately Maya's IFF radar went off, indicationg several mobile suits coming their way. Maya gets back on her comm to send out a message to the rest of the squad.

“Heads up everybody. Mobile suits on our seven.†she said.

“I see them on my radar too.†said Maya's best friend and second in command of the squad, Samantha. “They're not the Empire's either. There is no name on the registry.â€

“Unidentified mobile suits. Please respond...†Maya said to enemy mobile suits. She gets nothing in response. “Please respond or will be forced to shoot...â€

Still no answer.

“Okay everyone lets confront the mobile suits.†Maya says as she turns her mobile suit around to face the unknown prescence. To Maya's horror, the mobile suits were all running on four legs instead of two like the average mobile suit. The leader of these mobile suits use a red light from what appears two eye holes in the goat face. It scans and detects the American mobile suits, and changes directions. Heading straight for them in a beeline. What happened next was facinating to the entire squadron. The faces splt in two and retracted into the side of the heads. Revealing a face with a red visor over the eye cameras. Though the goat horns still resided on the forhead of each mobile suit. The mobile suits then went from four legged machines. To bipedal mobile suits. The tails on each mobile suit raised up as the tip is hidden behind the back. These are the true form of the Chimera mobil suits. These are the same Chimera mobile suits that were outside of Baghdad. However they didn't find any American mobile suits, as they were either in the city or not in the outer skirts at that time.

“Engaging the enemy Eagle Nest!†Maya said to her commanding officers back at the camp. “Several unknown mobile suits are moving in for an attack!â€

“Copy that Eagle Leader 7.†said a commander. “Good hunting and return home safely.â€

“Will do sir...†Maya then switcher her comm back to the channel as her squad's. “Let's bring these mobile suits down and show them what the United States of America can do!â€


Anderson went ahead and notified all district stations about the evacuation. The middle and lower class districts were evacuated to the colony core. Where the majority of them knew that they were going there to die. Especially most of the children. They were raised to know that the governor doesn't care about them because of their social status. However one teenage girl is g=handing out as much food and water to them and trying to keep their hopes up that they will be evacuated. This girl is Governor Snow's granddaughter, Julia. She was named after her father, Julius, who is also within the core with the rest of the unlucky people.

“Young lady, can I ask you a question?†an old lady asked Julia.

“Sure!†Julia said in her constant perky, happy go lucky mood.

“If you're the granddaughter of Governor Snow, why are you helping us stay postive and giving us supplies?â€

“I don't agree with my grandfather's ideals, neither do my parents. It is unfair to just let everyone die a horrible death. So my parents and I plan to stay here until the very end. No matter what happens to us. I have no intention of dying a heartless coward that doesn't care about the little people.â€

“God bless you Lady Snow.†the old lady said. As comotion was heard out in the hallway. Then gunfire was heard, as two men in black business suits, earpiece, and sunglasses burst into the room Julia was in. They made a beeline for her with their guns drawn. However a man jumped up and confronted them.

“Hey! Keep your damned dirty hands off of her!†the man said. Only for him to be shot multiple times in the chest, until he fell to the floor dead.

“You bastard!†his friend said. As he whacked one man in the head with a broken metal pipe nearby. Soon more and more were joining in the melee, the old lady suggested that Julia runs away, to which she did. Julia ran out of the hall to see her parents both beaten being dragged by more men in black. Julia reconized them all as her grandfather's personal bodyguards. They were there to drag the family to the emergency shuttles. However more civilians rushed out with weapons of their own. Beating the bodyguards to the floor with brute force. Soon the entire core burst into an all out battle royal between everyone. Julia knew she had to continue to escape. She ran the other way than she was facing. Being chased by the bodyguards that took care of their attackers.

“Lady Julia! Your grandfather requests your prescence on the escape shuttles!†said one bodyguard. “If you give yourself up now you can be spared punishment.â€

“Like I'm really going to obey the orders of my madman grandfather!†Julia shouted back. “I'd rather die with these people he calls vermin! They have every right to survive too you know? My grandfather isn't the most important person in the earth sphere!â€

“You will come with us young lady!†said a bodyguard with a African accent. “Even if we have to knock you out and drag you back! Just like your parents.â€

“You will never get me to go back! You are not the boss of me and neither is grandpa!â€

Julia ran until she reached an elevator. She climbed in and pressed a button. She had nowhere else to run. So she had to leave the core. However the governor has his own little army of private military company mercenaries to safeguard everyone rich and powerful within Freedom. A personal of mobile suits were mobilized when word that the Snow's didn't report to any of the space ports. One such mobile suit, a Viper class, saw Julia inside the elevator with it's X-ray imaging. Well it only knw it was her as the skeleton was running away from other skeletons that were armed to the teeth. The Viper aims it's twin barrel beam rifle and fires when it has a lock on the elevator shaft. The twin beams actually split up and hit the elevator above and below it. Sending the elevator to fall back towards the colony at terminal velocity. Just as the Viper was about to go and make the capture. It was blown out of the sky, by the Gundam King. The King flies at the falling elevator and catches it in its free left hand.

“Hey you there!†Danny said over a sound system to Julia. “You okay there?â€

Julia was a bit confused, until Danny opened the cockpit door to reveal himself. Danny's head is shaved into a military buzz cut. Though it's kind of hard to tell with his helmet on, visor not down.

“Get in quickly!†he ordered and Julia complied. When the cockpit door closed, Danny got rid of the elevator and flew off towards the White Rook, a fortress class warship. Just as it was done being loaded up and ready to aid in saving the rest of the colonists in the core. However the escape shuttles were being launched right at that moment. Sure enough the imperial mobile suits attacked the escaping shuttles. Some managed to escape the colony through the holes in it's hull. The rest though tried to push their way through the docking bay of the colony, but were destroyed by the imperials making sure no one escapes. One of these shuttles includes the one carrying Governor Snow.

“Why were we the last shuttle to leave?†he asked the captain angerly.

“The other shuttles were being attacked. We couldn't risk it until he had a strategy in place for our escape.†the captain replied in a clam manner. “I'm thinking that we should escape through the holes...â€

“No! You obey my every command captain! There is nothing wrong with the docking bay! It may be guarded but you can get past the blockade! NOW YOU GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR AND HEAD TO THE DOCKING BAY EXIT BEFORE I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF!â€

“As you wish Mr. Governor...†the captain said with a heavy sigh. He turned to his three person flight crew to explain that they are changing direction. However the Governor was wrong about the captain being able to push through the blockade. As it may have dodged the beam fire. A couple of Chimera mobile suits flew into the colony and straight for the shuttle containing Snow and whatever family members didn't evacuate with the others in the core. One Chimera fired it's beam rifle while it was in it's “beast modeâ€. The other in it's mobile suit form drew it's beam saber and flew at the shuttle, bringing down the beam saber and splitting it in half. Everyone onboard screamed in terror as they were being burned alive in the explosion of the entire shuttle. Killing everyone on board. Even the captain as he was calling a mayday to the United States forces. However they were heard in the command center, by Anderson and Wanatabe.

“I hate it when I'm right...†Anderson said. Wanatabe prayed for the lost souls on the shuttle.

The Rook took off as at least the Pawns returned to help protect the flying fortress.

“Gundams! We're leaving and we're going to tow the core with us! Please return to the castle! I repeat return to the castle!â€

“We're on our way Captain.†Tyler said over his comm. The three Gundam mobile suits retreat, leaving the remaining forces trying to fend off the attack to continue their futile defense. Which was encouraged by the mobile suit pilots from both factions.

Ending Song: Linkin Park - Iridescent

Julia walks onto the large bridge of the Rook. She's impressed with all of the holographs and monitors. She's even more impressed with the captain's chair being held up in the middle of thin air by a heavy mechanical lifting arm. Which decends when Oliver notices Julia.

“Lady Julia... I'm Captain Oliver Hammer of this fine ship. Welcome aboard the White Rook. I'm sorry about your grandfather.â€

“Don't apologize about him. He had it coming for a long time.â€

“You never did like did ya?â€

The Rook manages to successfully push through the docking bay and towards the exit. Where the mobile suits have to force the enemy to retreat, so they can hook up the Rook to the core. Fortunately a large warship fires all of it's beam cannons and torpedos at the enemy mobile suits and ships. Destroying the mobile suits but severly damaging the warships beyond repair. Oliver asks who the new guest is and the image is shown on the main holographic monitor.

“The Whore of Babylon?†he asked himself.


Maya's squad was either dead, wounded and soon to be dead or captured. As she was captured, knocked unconscious and was currently being dragged into an imperial jail. Where the soldiers who captured her tossed her into a filthy roach infested cell. Meanwhile Samantha was being dragged, blindfolded and awake into a room. She is tossed into this room and the soliders dragging her where speaking in Arabic about how they refuse to enter the “room of the devil's disciplesâ€. Where two masked men, wearing goat skull masks and red robes picked her up and tied her to an alter. Several more figures in red robes enter. Leading a figure in a black robe with a red sash over his shoulder. The man was wearing a devil mask, and he was carrying a blood soaked pillow with ritual tools, including a ceremonial golden dagger. After they prayed to their god Lucifer, the black robed figure picked up the dagger and made a toast for the sacrifice for the evening. Which was unfortunately Samantha. The figure removed his mask to reveal and middle aged man, with two vmpire fangs. This man isn't really a vampire. He ground his fangs to a point, to make him appear as a vampire. He unties his victim's arms and lifts her up. Where she lets out a horrifying scream as her blindfold was removed. Her last image was the man cutting her jugular vein, where delightfully drained her blood into a gold chalice and drank it with glee...

Next Episode: The White Rook gets an unexpected ally in the form of a renegade Islamic militia, know as Revelation 18. Maya wakes up to find herself bound in a torture room. Plus a pilot for the Gundam Queen is decided, when a joint operation with the U. N. and Revelation 18 is planned to free all captive U. S. soldiers. Julia decides to stay with the crew of the Rook and help assist the medical staff in the Rook's medical bay.

Author's Comment: You have noticed that I mentioned the ending song and continued on for a little bit. Well I want you to imagine the song being played in the background and the ending credits roling as the episode draws to a close. Which is what the good people at Sunrise should do with the Gundam franchise. Instead of just ending it at a certain point and then rolling the credits. And I should warn you now. I'm going to attempt a Tomino's “Kill Them All†strategy. As I want this story to rival the darkness that was in Zeta Gundam and Victory Gundam. Though it's not going to be a major kill fest like Victory Gundam. It will probably be somewhere in between Victory and Zeta.
May 16, 2007
I want to know if this story would've been better in an already set up Gundam universe or the made up alternate universe that I made?