MMPR VS MegaForce (feedback and thoughts, if you have any :) )

Hey everyone,

I was going to write a little comparison on my thoughts on the opening episode of MegaForce vs the original opening episode of MMPR, however it seemed like a fun idea to do it as a video for my review series.

Anyway I'd love some thoughts from the ranger know it alls around here if you have some time, see what you think.. its generally based around MegaForce being inferior to MMPR, but I doubt that comes as a surprise :)


Dr Kain

lol @ flashy teleportation effects.

I agree with you on everything. I gave up on MegeForce after 2 episodes. I'll go back and watch it when they actually get to the Legendary War, but the cast was extremely bland and uninteresting. While the acting in MMPR was average in the beginning, the cast had their karate and stuff to keep you distracted. Hell, that is the whole reason JDF was even casted as the Green Ranger. It wasn't until later he learned how to act.

THe one thing I will say is at least these MF rangers don't have super powers like the Disney era gave their rangers.
thanks for the feedback, I'll likely go through it all in one go once theres a full season release, I plan to do the same with super samurai but I havn't even managed to watch samurai yet all the way through. I'm glad I'm on the same line of thinking as others on this though


I actually liked Rangers have unique powers to each of them. It makes each color unique and different, as well as making them all useful in varying situations.

Granted, I would have liked it more if they had the unique powers IN costume. But HEY.


Some kind of Beast mode
This review concerns my thoughts exactly. MF is a combination of cookie cutter with uninspired "originality".

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