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[ame=""]YouTube - ????????ED??BREAK YOURSELF? (long ver.)[/ame]

Cool music but the way it's edited is strange. They show the end credits in English, then in Japanese. I wonder why? Also why do they show half of the music video before showing the End Credits?

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Yeah, I noticed these things some time ago.

This is from the TV-Asahi broadcasted version of the Japanese Dub and there were actually three different themes: "世界で一番はかない夜に" by Modern Grey, "BREAK YOURSELF" by ROLL DAYS (the one in the video above), and "BLOOD ON BLOOD" by ZYYG. I'm not exactly sure as to why that particular clip was formatted like that, myself. The quick showing of the English and Japanese credits was likely to allow both groups of staff to have relative credit space and to add to the available run time for the song. The "music video" bit, I assume, was just a bit of extra advertisment for the band, likely a one off around the time the single was released. Other recorded versions used only the actual credits, such as this one:
[ame=""]"BREAK YOURSELF" Short Ver.[/ame]

Oddly enough the other MMPR dub, by Super Channel, who would go on to have dubs of Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue produced, kept to a more "vanilla" and plain ending credits style. They just used the regular ending theme with Japanese credits and still images from the show. Sadly, the clip for that particular example has vanished.
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I thought this was a Japanese "rick roll" or something :laugh:. This is interesting.