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Soon you’ll be able to take your gaming sessions back to the Mesoamerican past when Cinco Soles Games introduces Anawak to the tabletop market. The game’s crowdfunding campaign is live today.
Anawak is a minature strategy game for two to four players. Players assume control of one of four houses: House of the Eagle, House of the Jaguar, House of the Olmecs, and the Followers of the Death Sun. Each battle will take an hour to 90 minutes to complete. Even though the rules are somewhat involved, you should be able to jump in right away because the game’s first three tournaments are set up as a tutorial to ease your gang into the world of Anawak.
The Anawak starter set will include 85 miniatures using 24 different monsters, soldiers and other designs. The game board is made up of segments and completely customizable, and can be as huge or as tiny as the situation demands. There are over 80 different tiles, to make for...

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They have 26 days left to get funded, I hope that time is enough for them to reach the goal because the idea of a mezo american inspired RPG is interesting.