General Discussion Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegic Man Kick Off World Cup

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Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegic Man Kick Off World Cup

When you talk about the sportsball games, my eyes tend to glaze over. I might appear briefly narcoleptic. But when you talk about robotic suits with a mind interface that might help paraplegics walk again, I snap out of my stupor.

Yesterday Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old with complete lower trunk paralysis, used such a suit to make the symbolic first kick for the World Cup at Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Did most people notice the six-foot kick? Not...
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This is very inspirational!

I'm not one to watch football but I'm absolutely touched and inspired that they chose to make such a grand gesture to scientific advancement and mankind's triumph over disabilities & diseases.

Hopefully with the publicity from this event, more patients and funds will start pouring in to speed up research on restoring (or granting it to those who never had!) movement to the disabled. :)


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This is why I am going into engineering, I want to build stuff that can help humanity in every aspect. With this kind of technology today imagine what we are going to have in a few years!