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One of the common complaints lobbied against director Paul W.S. Anderson and his many video game-based movies is that he has this tendency to ignore the game’s stars and story. Instead he invents a character, casts his wife as that character, and bases the whole movie around her. If he had made the Sonic movie, its main focus would be Zippietta, a human-hedgehog hybrid played by Milla Jovovich with speed powers.
But it’s Capcom he’s working for these days, specifically an adaption of Monster Hunter that’s due out Christmas Day. True to form, he’s invented Captain Natalie Artemis, played by Jovovich, as a monster hunter who doesn’t appear in any of the games…..YET. Capcom decided to fix this one and stick Artemis in there. In fact, she was there all along….uh, really!
Artemis will be playable in two quests coming in an update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The first event, “The New World,” pits you (Jovovich) against a Black Diablos, who factors into the movie’s plot. In the...
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