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The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind for XBox owners. Early this morning Microsoft made the announcement that they were raising the subscription fee for XBox Live Gold, which up to this point, you kind of needed to play any XBox game online.
MS said they were raising the cost of a one-month Gold membership to $11, and a three-month membership to $30. The worst part was that a six-month membership was now $60. It wasn’t that long ago that a twelve-month membership was $60, meaning the cost had ballooned to twice as much in just six months. Gamers were….um, not happy, and they let Microsoft know.
Social media lit up with angry rants against XBox Live and Microsoft itself, and it wasn’t a good look. So fourteen hours later, and eight minutes before midnight Eastern….a reversal! Ha ha, what price hikes? What an imagination you guys have!
Microsoft agreed to restore the original prices of $10...
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