Microids and Forever Entertainment Announce Distribution Deal For Panzer Dragoon, House Of The Dead

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Encouraging news just came from two game distributors today, if you’re a fan of the Sega cult hits Panzer Dragoon and House Of The Dead. Microids and Forever Entertainment have entered a deal to publish and distribute physical versions of “future games” based on these properties…which we take as a very encouraging sign there could be future games.
What kind of games could they be? The most recent release for Panzer Dragoon was a remake of the first game (a physical edition was printed, but not by Microids). Are more remakes on the way, or is Sega working on something new? And seriously, why haven’t they republished Panzer Dragoon Saga already? We’d be satisfied with a mere port.
“Microids is incredibly grateful to work on these mythical IPs and we’re glad Forever Entertainment entrusts our teams to deliver the best possible products. This new partnership consolidates our growth strategy revolving around video game distribution worldwide” declares Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids...

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