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Metroid Dread will be coming to Nintendo Twitch this October 8

Metroid Dread is the latest installment of the Metroid Franchise. After the successful remake of Metroid: Samus Returns the adventure continues with Nintendo Switch. Samus Aran is a pop culture phenomenon because she is the very first playable female videogame lead character. In the first game, they only revealed that Samus is female once you finished the game. There won’t be a Lara Croft or a Jill Valentine without a Samus Aran. She is the real first lady of Games.
Nintendo will stick with what works. Metroid Dread will stick with the 2d side-scrolling action-adventure formula. It will be the first new installment of the series that goes back to its roots. You cannot fix what is not broken. Metroid: Other M almost killed...
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