It's Judgement Time!
Mar 8, 2005
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-wait do we want that? I think so. I mean, I want another Mech Warrior... **** it. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
May 8, 2007
Well I don't know who the hell Piranha Games is, but they better not screw it up. I'm not fond of "reboots", I mean, you couldn't just make it MechWarrior 5?

But this is good though. At least it's shedding light to a great franchise. When I heard MechCommander 2 being released as open source, I thought it was all over for the Mech franchise.

And MechWarrior 5 better not have that panzy ass "arcade" feel like MechAssault had. No offense to any fans of the series, I'll admit it was awesome, but rotating your torso 360, giant spider mechs, and laser cannons that you "charge up" were just too unrealistic for me. It felt more of a straight up shooting game rather than a realistic mech simulator.

Going off topic, you know what needs a reboot? Heavy Gear. The game Activision created with the help of DreamPod 9 in attempt to kill the MechWarrior franchise. The game had stealth, realistic robot physics (literally, one shot to the torso will leave your Gear limping, and so forth), badass weaponry (battle axes and swords included), dynamic characters and story, and a huge array of Gears. Plus, there were space battles that were really similar to Gundams in space, which were totally BADASS, dispite getting lost and dizzy. The Gears even got santa hats when you played it during Christmas time. It's a shame Activision is dead.
Apr 17, 2007
What is this... "MechWarrior" you speak of? :sly:

I have never heard of it... ok correction I have heard my friends talk about it fondly, they just haven't really explained what it is. :sweat:

dont hurt me :sweat: hahaha >.>