Mech Armada Stomps Into Early Access On Steam

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Jun 20, 2012
Mech Armada is here…well, half-here. Lioncode Games’ strategy title launches today as a beta on Steam Early Access, with further content updates planned in the months ahead as it reaches completion.
Imagine a tactics game that plays like card-based battling, but doesn’t use cards. Instead the characters you order around serve as the cards — you amass robots and lay them on the battlefield strategically. It’s actually a good thing you can always “draw” more robots from the “deck,” as this game’s got permadeath — when you lose a mech, it’s gone forever. There are some you won’t want to lose though…by mixing and matching parts, you can create stronger mechs that’ll serve as valuable tools to win each map.

Deep strategic combat: There are no perfect solutions. Create your own strategy by cleverly making the most out of your resources and the situation.

Design your own mech: With 70+ available Mech parts, you can create thousands of unique combinations. Each part has...

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