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Me Time, After having children, this is no longer an option for any married couple. Having children increases your responsibilities, so you’ll have less time for yourself. Fathers who prefer to stay at home with their children are growing in number as the women of these men achieve tremendous success at work. Some men have lost their jobs, forcing their wives to take on greater responsibility by being the breadwinner. A father who remains at home with his children is becoming increasingly common, despite the social stigma surrounding it. Netflix is releasing an original film starring a man who has spent years caring for his children while his wife has been at work. He wants to reclaim his identity.
Me time official trailer

Sonny (Kevin Hart) has had no “me time” for a long time since he became a househusband. His wife Maya (Regina Hall) is doing...

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First and foremost, thank you for making my day! I needed this giggle, and I'll be ready to laugh even more when I see this movie because I know I'll be crying laughing and losing my breath!!!! It is Kevin Heart's specialty to write and direct buddy movies. As far as I've seen, he's the only actor eager to play the humorous sidekick because he knows that's where his strengths lie.


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Kevin Hart comes across as a nice enough guy. Actor Mark Wahlberg I have no interest in because of what he did to a Vietnamese old man. These buddy comedies, however, have a history of being laughably flat and unfunny. It's absurd, given how entertaining Kevin Hart can be in an interview environment. Those glints of comedic brilliance, on the other hand, are absent from his stand-up and cinematic work. Kevin Hart movies are riddled with cliches; he is almost always cast as the comedic relief against a large, bulky guy.


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On a high note, Kevin hart With these recent Netflix blockbusters and Mark Wahlberg in the lead roles, Heck yeah!, this is going to be so good.


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Regina Hall seemed to be attempting to distance herself from parts that resemble Brenda's, which I find odd. In the Scary Movie series, Regina Hall was fantastic. It's a shame she didn't have a bigger role in this movie. A comic duo featuring her and Kevin would be hilarious!


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I love watching Kevin Hart he certainly is the king of comedy. It has always been the dad whose the breadwinner of the family. Things have changed nowadays you find the wife as the breadwinner. Most men don't like that though, they like being the head. Everyone loves it though when the kids are away. This really cracked my ribs.