MarzGurl reviews KR Gaim!


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Having seen the series I am looking forward to the rest of it. So far, she only did part 1, lol.

But, I have to say, she was incredibly nitpicky on it. I think I can understand why as she seems slightly Obsessive Compulsive in the way she thinks & approaches things- like not counting something that is common knowledge, but wasn't ever said in the actual show as part of the plot, even though it had obvious influence in the mind of the writers & actor, etc, etc.

Plus, when she keeps complaining about characters being two-dimensional because certain things weren't stated outright, it makes it seem like she doesn't understand nuance or the role of acting & direction at all, which is silly because I know she does...

Lol, wow. That's got to be the most in disagreement I've ever been with an internet review personality.:laugh: