Marvel vs. DC

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If you were referring to Movie-wise. I'd go with Marvel, now for me. I'd have to go with DC for a few comic series that were well-written. But Marvel also had some back bones on its animated shows.

So....I'd go with neither.


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Which would you rather have?


or this?
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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I've been a fan of superheroes and toku for as long as I can remember; its great to discuss this stuff with other fans :) As for my opinion, I always found Marvel to be more fun than DC. I always knew more about Marvel as a kid than I did with DC. While I got respect for DC; I just found Marvel more entertaining and fun overall. DC just seems a little too different for my tastes at times, not to mention the continuity changes are kinda annoying.

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^ I felt the same way until I started watching the DCAU.

I still cannot decide. Marvel has the better arcs for the shows (ie X-Men & Spidey) but DC's shows have better overall writing and less plotholes.

I still can't fucking decide.

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