Marvel vs. DC is one of the games listed to a poll created by Ed Boon. Injustice 3 and the Next Mortal Kombat are also on the list.  41.1% goes to Marvel vs. DC.
Who exactly is Ed Boon? Mortal Kombat originally created by him, and he is currently the head of Warner Media’s NetherRealm Studios. Aside from Mortal Kombat he created the Injustice Franchise, A fighting game with a roster of DC comics characters.
Today he created a poll on what game he should do next. Marvel vs. DC is part of the selection.

What do YOU want to see from NetherRealm studios next?
— Ed Boon (@noobde) September 10, 2022

Boon got overwhelmed with the number of Votes his poll got.

Pretty scary that a poll can get 10,000 votes in 10 minutes. 😱
— Ed Boon (@noobde)...

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I just died and got resurrected. I would want this happen especially after how Good Injustice 2 had became. I can't even think of a dream roster out of excitement.


Froggy Afternoon
If Ed Boon is already posting about this, it means it is a possibility now. I will choose this over Mortal Kombat vs Street fighter.
Should this game actually be released, it is going to bring the internet to its knees. Even though I don't believe in a god or a higher power, I've decided to stop cheating on my wife, give up drugs, and start attending church regularly.

Sure Your Ken

She took the kids Ryu
In the event that this was published a year ago, I will state that I do not believe that to be feasible. Neither of the parties involved would accept this. But oh my god if something like this occurs. This is the stuff that every man dreams about.However, everything has recently changed, and I believe that this is now technically possible. It will be to the obvious benefit of both parties.


I am thinking about all the possible rivalries.

Superman vs. Hulk
Batman vs. Ironman
Wonderwoman vs Storm
She-Hulk vs Supergirl
Deadpool vs Harley Quinn
Killer Frost vs. Iceman
Aquaman vs. Namor
Flash vs. Quicksilver
Shazam vs. Captain Marvel
Catwoman vs. Shadow Cat
Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

Aside from rivalries there are also the possible team ups. I will play the storymode too and NetherRealm studios is Good at making fighting game stories.


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I firmly doubt it will take place. Why? Initially, DC and Marvel collaborated on a comic book with the working title Marvel vs. DC. That was pretty much the last significant communication between the two companies before they ever turned highly toxic against one another. If by some chance this game has place, there has been a lot of tension between the two organizations. It would completely change how comic book history developed. And I'm talking about Spider-contribution Man's to Marvel. I have my doubts that this is ultimately nothing more than a fantasy, despite how beautiful it sounds. In addition, I worry that if it did happen, the companies would start fighting again and using toxic mouthing. The two have previously had trouble cooperating, which is necessary for such a game. If DC can't even manage their own universe, how in the world are they going to manage two, one of which just so happens to be their worst enemy? Ed Boon is merely attempting to gain attention in order to persuade Marvel to take action, but I highly doubt Marvel would.
Hope Ed Boon can pull a miracle and made this happen. I believe in him, I mean I never expected Rambo and Terminator in Mortal Kombat and he made it happen.
Injustice 2 won a lot of Awards so I believe that Ed Boon can pull this off if given a chance. He actually listens to fans.


Imagine the rip offs will battle the original?

Deadpool vs DeathStroke
Captain Marvel vs Shazam
The Wasp vs Bumblebee
Namor vs Aquaman
Sentry vs Superman
Catwoman vs Black Cat
Black Panther vs Redlion


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I am all in but I do not want them to include characters like Amadeus Cho,Iron Heart, Jon Kent and all those mantle replacement characters people don't care about.


If the female characters will Look more like Injustice 2 and less of Injustice 1, I am in! I still can't forgive what NetherRealm studios did to Raven.


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I prefer the Marvels any day of the week and they are way better than DC. After its success, I have seen most of the movie industries, for example, Bollywood planning to come up with movies related to this subject.


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Ed Boon is a genius and everything he touches recently becomes Gold. I am all for a Marvel vs. DC with the gameplay of Injustice. The Rivalries and dream team up is just awesome.


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I hope they use the Likeness of the movie actors of the characters who have an active movie version,