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CMON is the name of both a tabletop gaming studio and a publisher: they’re behind such titles as Zombicide, Blood Rage, The Others, Rising Sun, Massive Darkness, Arcadia Quest, Dark Age and Rum and Bones. Now they’re setting their ambitions on a certain Marvel property where the sound effect “SNIKT” is commonly heard.
Presenting Marvel United: X-Men, a fast-paced co-op game for up to five players. Multiple friends take on the roles of Charles Xavier’s various pupils while one player controls the supervillain they’re trying to stop. If you can’t make up your mind, there are also “antihero” roles with purple figurines for the morally ambiguous — they can fight for either side. Moves are controlled with cards, and some actions can be combined for a super-charged attack.
Marvel United is back, bringing the X-Men into this acclaimed fast-paced cooperative game. Build your team of mutant Heroes and join forces to thwart the master plan of the most powerful Villains in the universe. Now...
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