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Marvel Studios revealed its release plans for the next three years today, and went beyond just the usual conference call or press release…they sent out a three-minute trailer, scored by the familiar opening theme, full of classic clips from movies past (including an audience reaction video) and narrated by a Stan Lee recording. The whole production is intended as one big, giant “WELCOME BACK TO THE THEATERS” sign. (You got the vaccine, right?)
Black Widow: July 9, 2021
You know about this one. After over a year of extra wait time the movie will finally be released in a couple months and you’ll also be able to see it on Disney+ (if you give them an extra thirty dollars…blegh).
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: September 3, 2021
The Eternals: November 5, 2021
Not less than two months from Shang-Chi. We got our first look at it in today’s mega-trailer.
Spider-Man: No Way Home: December 17, 2021
This one is going to be wild if the constant casting...
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