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My favorite Marvel comics are the X-Men comics and the Hulk comics. Wolverine is my favorite personality because I find it to be very rich. Who is your favorite Marvel character?


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Thor :) He's my favorite character, mostly because I'm a big fan of norse mythology :D I also think he's a great comic character, a great addition to the Marvel family :)


I like a lot of Marvel characters. The first one that really struck my fancy was Cyclops.

His optic blast was one of my favorite superhero powers when I was in grade school. Then of course, there's Wolverine who is so famous. I like him too. And I also love Spidey. I became a fan when I watched the movies. And of course Thor.


Spider-Man is actually what got me into comics to begin with and he is still one of my favorites to this day. The 90s X-Men were really great too. As far as Marvel Comics go, I hold those two in high regard.
I was always partial to Spider-Man because his alter ego, Peter Parker was done to Earth. He was a poor kid trying to juggle school, a job, the death of his uncle, a frail aunt, and be a full-time superhero. He was the kid next door, who happened to stick to walls. Opposed to Superman and Batman, who were like your dad (but with tights).


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My favorite marvel character is Iron Man. I bet that one would be hard to figure out. I first became interested because of his last name, then I came to learn that he is awesome. I'm starting to collect some Iron Man comics here and there (I have them put away so I don't know which I have at the moment).
The movies are pretty cool, but the 3rd wasn't my favorite piece of cinema.


Spider-Man, I like his attitude. I loved when he encountered Deadpool and basically accused him of stealing Spider-Mans mouthy attitude. Deadpool is a close second, I just have had much more experience with Spider-Man when I was young and so have many more memories to look back on fondly.