Comics Marvel Brings Back Dollar Comics With 'True Believers" Line

Jan 20, 2014
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Marvel Brings Back Dollar Comics With 'True Believers" Line

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to getting into comic books today is that they're so darned expensive. Your average comic book, digital or print, costs $4 and takes 10 minutes or less to read. Unless you're a collector or you just really love the format, it can get difficult to justify the cost/enjoyment ratio.

Marvel isn't switching its line back to a dollar a book by any means. That ship sailed when the price increased to $1.25 way back in 1992. But it is announcing a program of budget reprints...
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Nov 28, 2014
The early "Hulk" comics in my collection have a 12 cent price tag! When I was a kid in the 80's new comics were 65 cents. A dollar comic probably is a good deal, but they didn't reach that price until the early 90s. If they really want to go retro, let's get back the 12 cent price!