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The space strategy sim Mars Horizon will be holding its first public beta next month. The game is being created by Auroch Digital, a development team based in Bristol, UK.
Mars Horizon starts out as historical fiction and then gets speculative, imagining what could have happened if the space race progressed past the moon. You’re managing a space agency with the goal of establishing a colony on Mars, but it’s a multi-step, multi-generational process.
Design and build the rockets that will get the materials and people to the Moon. Build the colonies and keep them maintained. Once you’ve proven that humans can manage a society on another celestial body, your goal shifts to the big red planet. And when you’re finished on Mars, maybe you can terraform the rest of the solar system! The game uses authentic space science, in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

Undertake 14 milestone missions (out of 36 in the full game)
Choose to take on approximately 30 optional request missions...
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