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A few weeks ago Studio Mechka launched the crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming game Marko: Beyond Brave. The campaign is officially a success, hitting its funding goal yesterday. Now with eleven days to go, they’re working on the stretch goals.
In Balkan and Slavic folklore, there’s a legend of a medieval hero named Marko who possessed super-strength and roamed his kingdom battling enemies and saving the downtrodden. The Marko stories greatly resemble the superhero tales popular today, proving there are no original ideas, but the point is, Marko’s never had his own game until now. With courage as large as his mustache, he hops and bops through the metroidvania world of Zagora, solving puzzles, defeating bosses and upgrading his weapons and skills.

 Traditional 2D art: Inspired by classic Disney cartoons all of our art is hand-drawn.
 Challenging, but fair gameplay: Responsive controls, jump, fight...
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