Mari Shimazaki is a videogame character designing genius. She knows how to make characters women will like to cosplay and men will like to play us. Her Most popular character creation of all time has been Bayonetta. The creator of the game wanted a sexy Witch character who can match Dante from Devil May Cry’s popularity. Even if sex-negative feminists hate her designs, her characters have a popular female fanbase. The following Photos belong to Mari Shimazaki’s blog.
Here is the Bayonetta, the character that puts her on the gaming map. Bayonetta is  Mari Shimazaki’s magnum opus.

Here are Mari’s concepts for the other Bayonetta characters, You can see how many details she puts into her work. Bayonetta’s friend and Rival, Jean is given short hair and she is made to look like the fashion icon Twiggy...

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Kimmy's new look is still shocking because she looks so innocent in No More heroes 3, Then Suda made us kill her.