Tabletop Mansions of Madness

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Thought I'd provide a recommendation to anybody passing by.
If you like Cthulu style occult dark fantasy, and you have some friends who don't mind playing boardgames, you should definitely play this. It might be a bit on the pricier side, and take a while to set up, but it is AWESOME.
Essentially, someone plays as the 'dungeon master' and tries to kill everybody else by raising dark forces or making them go insane. Everyone else has to work together to try to defeat the dungeon. It's brilliant.


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I have actually had my eye on this one for some time. I remember seeing it a while back and thinking that it would be up my alley. Have't quite around to it yet though.


Watch out for this one because there are real differences between first and second edition.

First edition means on player has to act as Keeper and manage the board, like and RPG with a map. You can make your own scenarios and it has a lot of replay value.

Second edition uses an app fto manage monsters and the board so you can play solo if you like, but there are only four scenarios and once you've beaten them it doesn't have much replay value. We beat three of them on the first runthrough. There's no way to make your own scenarios for the app at the moment, and the only extra ones cost £40 for each extra scenario with expansion kits.