Mandy Rose got released by WWE day after she lost her NXT Women's championship

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Ian Burton

Awkward Correspondent
<p>Mandy Rose (Amanda Rose Saccomanno in real life) was fired just 24 hours after losing the NXT Women’s Championship. Knowing their long-term plans for her, this news comes as a surprise. She is the most successful alumna of her Tough Enough Season. Despite finishing second in that reality competition, Mandy’s career has been more successful than the winners’. WWE signed her to a five-year, $1 million contract, and she stayed with them for nearly ten years. She had highs and lows, but when she returned to NXT to revitalize her career, it flourished. While serving as the NXT Women’s Champion, she led the dominant Wrestling Stable Toxic Attraction for 413 days. Toxic Attraction is the most successful female group in WWE history because they won every belt in NXT simultaneously.</p>

Johnny Wrasslin

Rebel Heart
I was waiting for Mandy Rose to debut in the main roster to challenge either Bianca Belair or Ronda Rousey. I thought she will be in raw and smackdown but she ends up getting future endeavored instead. I worry about Mandy because her Brother just died months ago so she is still mourning and this happened. Hoping AEW or Impact Wrestling hires her.
What will become of Toxic Attraction now that their leader has left? I followed Gigi Dolyn and Jacy Jane on Twitter to see how they were reacting to the news that their leader had been fired by WWE. They are saddened by Mandy's departure from the company because she was instrumental in each of their professional careers.

It's unclear whether Toxic Attraction will continue to perform as a duo, find a new frontman, or call it quits entirely. I have high hopes that Toxic Attraction will be able to persevere in the face of adversity.

Yesterday after Mandy lost her title, The crowd cheering her and thanking her for her performance.

She will be missed, I hope She continues wrestling even if it means outside WWE.

Shin Gouki

Look at the Bright side, Another female wrestler will benefit from Mandy's absence. Someone else will become a star after she leaves a void. No Wonder Paige didn't go back to WWE and decided to move to AEW while Sasha Banks moves to New Japan Pro. WWE have more restrictions to female wrestlers. Matt Riddle still kept his Job after failing his drug test. Mandy's offense is not even that severe.

Belinda Traverse

I sell make up but I dont wear them
WWE is a PG show, Children watch it with their parents. I understand WWE firing her because what if a child who is fan of Mandy Rose find her porn videos. It is a Reckless career suicide on her part.She is an adult, so there are no restrictions placed on her behavior and she can do whatever she wants but she broke the rules of WWE. You need to be aware that the vast majority of companies will not hire her due to the fact that they will check her social media profiles. I don't sympathize on her because she did it herself. WWE had been pushing her career for years. She got victories from legendary people like Asuka, Meiko Satomura, Alba Fyre,Kairi Sane, Sasha Banks and many more names and she did this. WWE was about to push her to the stars. She should have waited for her contract to be over before doing Birds and the bees videos.


The content that involved Mandy was inappropriate by WWE standards and went against the terms of a contract that WWE had with Mattel. They requested that she stop posting on her page, but she had no intention of complying due to the amount of potential income it presented her with. She favored being free to make her own decisions rather than being subject to rigid constraints. There is no doubt in my mind that AEW will present her with a contract offer. There are a significant number of AEW wrestlers who have created accounts on Onlyfans.


New Member
The NXT crowd respected her on her last match against Roxanne Perez. Despite the controversies I respect Mandy because she had proven she is more than a pretty face. Her matches are not bad and I remember reading on Twitter that Kairi Sane loves wrestling Mandy.I am sure Mandy will find other opportunities.

Ethan Kirchner

Dogma of the Dragons
She lost the title this day after more than a year of a reign. The Management delayed the NXT Women's Title match. Therefore, it appears they moved the title match so they could take the belt away from her and release her quickly. If their only objection to what she's doing on a third-party platform was discomfort, they wouldn't feel urgent. I assume a sponsor or business partner contacted WWE, which prompted them to act quickly. If so, I'd assume she'd return to WWE once tensions with that business partner have subsided. Mattel is WWE's strictest partner because they ban man-on-woman violence in video games when its the norm in most games. Mattel prohibits explicit TV moments like Mandy's recent actions.


I guess we can now see why Roxanne vs. Mandy happened the day before and not on New Year's Evil (congrats to Roxanne), but I did not expect Mandy to be released so soon after losing the title. I don't think it was necessary to fire her because the least she could have gotten was a suspension or a fine. However, if she was given multiple warnings about the content she was posting and chose to ignore them, firing her the day after she lost her title last night is like rubbing salt in the wound because first she lost her brother, then she lost her title, and now she has lost her job. I don't think she should have been fired because the least she could have gotten was I can't help but wonder what will happen to Gigi and Jacy now. The choice was made to let Mandy go against what was expected. On Friday, I thought we would be able to watch her on SmackDown.


Hail Mother Russia!
Mandy Rose was my favorite, so I'm still upset that she didn't win her title defense yesterday. How will Toxic Attraction's remaining members be completed without Mommy Mandy? Although I was sorry to see her reign as champion end, here we are. I feel like I've lost her even more after learning that she is fired. I really wanted Toxic Attraction to take over the main roster because this could not have been a worse way to end the best reign in the women's division. Because she violated their rules, WWE acted in the best interests of their business. I can't even hold Mandy responsible for this because it has to do with her personal life. I wanted the main roster's most well-liked group to be Toxic Attraction.


New Member
I love her comeback in NXT, and that's true whether you like her or not as a wrestler she had delivered. Since she is no longer in Toxic Attraction, the group is now just a tag team. This is true whether the company decides to keep them together or break them up completely. I have no doubt that Gigi and Jacy will be added to the main roster and make their debut in the women's royal rumble, but it remains to be seen if they will be able to make a name for themselves. Mandy won't have any problems no matter what she does next. Even though I don't think AEW or any other wrestling company will sign her, I am willing to be wrong.


New Member
Things are very bad right now. As soon as Mandy lets go of her belt, the door shuts behind her. Damnit. I think she will be able to come back if the problems between the two parties can be worked out, but we will have to wait and see. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again. NXT gave her career a new start. I really enjoyed watching her keep her title for as long as she could. Even though it's a shame, we can't do anything about it because she broke her contract. Who knows, though? Maybe we'll see her again somewhere down the road.


They can have these women as Mandy's replacement in Toxic Attraction:
Tiffany Stratton
Cora Jade
Xia Li
Scarlett Bordeaux


Regrettably, I believe Toxic Attraction should have been part of the main roster. Mandy performed superbly and was also in peak physical health. This news saddens me greatly, as Mandy has been a shining star in NXT and has grown tremendously in the past year. It's a shame to see Rose leave, as their match at World's Collide was one of the year's best female bouts (featuring Satamora, Davenport, and Rose). It's possible that Sonya can step up and become the new leader of Toxic Attraction. Few months ago, while Mandy was out of town, she finished a short story arc involving Gigi and Jacy.


Despite this, Mandy shouldn't panic. She is outstanding in the ring and on the mic. Another promotion means she won't have any trouble finding work. There are currently so many wrestling promotions that even Brandcamps like Ring of Honor, NWA, Impact Wrestling, AEW, and She will be able to keep hers.


New Member
#Justiceformandyrose is trending on twitter right now. Many people think the firing is unjust and unfair especially the fact that The Usos, Austin Theory and Matt Riddle are still employed and they have done bigger offenses.

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