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In 2011 Majesco Entertainment released a unique game called Monster Tale that was half Metroidvania platformer and half pet-raising sim. You played as Ellie, a blue-haired kid trapped in Monster World and looking for a way home. At least one monster seemed to be friendly: Chomp, a little guy who quickly became her best friend and adventuring partner.
The game originally premiered on the DS. A souped-up 3DS version was announced a few years later, but then quietly dropped. Looks like Ellie and Chomp may finally be getting their comeback, though, this time for modern platforms like Switch and PS4.
Players in Monster Tale experience a seamless blend of classic gameplay styles of puzzle-platformers, Metroidvania, and pet management as they seek to rid the fantastic Monster World of the evil ragtag group the Kid-Kings. Working together Ellie and Chomp must learn new skills in order to return the world to the rightful hands of the monsters and help Ellie return home.
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