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They say it’s better late than never, but this time they must really mean it. Fathom Events has just announced the US theatrical debut of two Macross movies, Macross Frontier: The False Songstress and Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell. The first of these movies was released in Japan back in 2009.
The Frontier series revived the dormant Macross franchise in the late 2000s with a new anime, most of which was recapped in The False Songstress. The Wings of Farewell continued the story from there. They’ve had previous US releases, but this is the first time the pair of films have been available to watch on a large screen.
The False Songstress recaps the first half of the TV series, bringing film-goers up to speed while adding increased detail to the mechanical art, building up to a newly-added climactic battle.
The Wings of Farewell continues the story and features 100% all-new animation while going off in new and unexpected directions. It also includes an entirely new soundtrack...

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I remember the original Macross was set in 2011, Imagine the disappointment I have with the real 2011 because Macross made me expect a lot with what technology is coming.


What does the Fox say?
My kids introduced me to anime and I have to say the story line for Macross Frontier is something the US audience will gobble up! When it comes to stories about human colonies settling down on a planet other that earth, we love it! I have already checked local theaters in my area. It is scheduled for release June 16, 2022.