M3GAN Is Back To Bring Joy Into Our Dreary Lives

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I am not much interested in sci-fi movies and shows but I have watched a lot of movies in this genre and some of my best movies are in this genre (I Robot, for example). I am quite fascinated to watch this movie.


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M3gan is an excellent main antagonist; I like the idea that she's just following orders but becomes "aware" and her personality begins to change because she's tired of being treated like an idiot even though all she's been doing is obeying orders. My favorite part was M3gan dancing; I can't stop watching it; I rewind it repeatedly. My favorite part was M3gan's dancing; I can't stop watching it. When she said, "I have a new primary user. This demonstrates that she is not simply evil; rather, she has a plausible backstory.
They had better not create robots with artificial intelligence. Why would they design this item to be capable of handling fully grown adults? When they did that, they were begging for it to go on a killing spree. Because many individuals will use them to exact revenge. Even though the film is intended to be scary, I have a feeling that the entire audience will be rooting for M3gan the entire time.


Like in I Robot, everything starts with idea of help. Robots can't help us in all situation. Maximu is make small dog or cat and that it is. If we start replace people with robots, of course robots will take over. Also robot programs must have kill switch.

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